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This site contains a vast amount of personal items I have collected throughout my life, some items have been gifts, and many items purchased via my passion for collecting.

Most of the items on the site (but not all) are ‘one offs’ and cover a vast range of areas of interest as you will see when browsing.

There are two reasons for putting my site on the Web, firstly to show what my collection consists of after 6 decades of collecting, and second to say ‘if you see something that catches your eye and you would like to acquire the item’ then please get in touch to discuss, and as you will see, if like me you are a serious collector you will recognise many rare items amongst the collection and will appreciate the value of these.

I do hope you enjoy this site and its contents, and please come back and visit from time to time, as I will be continually adding to it.

Kenny B.

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