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Background Information

The site is a 'SHOWCASE' containing a collection of my personal items that have been gifted or purchased via my passion for collecting over 60 years, and as you will see when browsing, it is quite a varied compilation with all but a few items being ‘one offs’ 


So: As most Boys did 'Back in the Day' I played with toys such as Matchbox, Dinky and Corgi Cars, along with watching Gerry Anderson's TV Thunderbirds Adventures, that was the start of my Thunderbirds Collection, also reading kids adventure Books by authors such as Enid Blyton, C. S. Lewis and Frank Richards 'Billy Bunter escapades' then in my Teenage years and early Adulthood my focus turned to Music, and listened to a wide range of sounds 'The Beatles' being top of the list followed by an eclectic mix of Heavy Metal, Reggae, Glam Rock, Punk, Tamla  Motown, & 60's 70's 80's artists such as David Bowie, T. Rex, Jimi Hendrix, Duran Duran and an eternal passion for the Northern Soul Scene, so my collection of Vinyl Singles and Albums has become a fair size, having some 'Rare Vinyl' amongst it, also with the 80's came Music CD's and DVD Films which became another focus for collecting, along with other interests such as World War 1 & 2 memorabilia, Music magazines and books, Stamp collections, Soccer and Concert memorabilia such as Tickets, T-Shirts and Programmes, DC and Harvey Comics and the list goes on!  

So what is the reason for my Website?

First off, it is to present an overview of the items I have accumulated after 6 decades of collecting, and secondly, to share it with people out there who have similar tastes, and if anyone is interested in a particular item they see and  would like more information about the item with the outlook to acquiring it then please feel free get in touch, and if  like me you are a 'serious collector' I'm sure you will recognise the many rare items amongst the collection and will appreciate the value of these.

 I hope all that visit enjoy this site's contents, and do please come back from time to time, as I still have more to add!! 

Finally: A Personal 'Thank You' to Adam at 'Bridge Digital' for the creation of the website and his help with its build,

"It's been a most enjoyable  journey" 

beatles vintage vinyl and memorabilia

Kenny B.

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