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Matchbox Adventures.

So with Music as the background to my life and growing up as a child in the 60’s and no TV in the home until the age of 7yrs I was placated with Toys and a specific brand of the time that were reasonably priced were Matchbox, which were small in size but big for a child’s imagination and these came in a variety of forms, My memories tell me that ‘in the beginning’ the vehicles came in the form of Excavators, Dumper trucks, Lorries, Tractors, Cranes, in fact anything to do with building sites and Farming, which was great for me as we had a back garden that resembled a Jungle and it needed taming! So I would spend hours ‘playing in the dirt’ with my toys. I began to acquire more Matchbox items and the odd Corgi and Husky vehicles, and as my collection grew bigger the theme changed from playing in the garden to, racing cars around the Living room furniture making up the racetrack as I went, the cars would be of the day and could be anything from a Vauxhall Cresta to a Porche 910 it didn’t really matter, they were pushed across the floor in turn and whichever car was in the lead would end up as the winner, but only if I wanted it to, especially as I would ‘secretly’ favour a different car each time!

The cars are still with me and in my collection, with most being well played with and well worn and certain bits missing here and there, but they were my first real collection and at that point I didn’t realise what was to come!.

My next adventure into collecting came with the introduction of the Television in to the home, something for next time!

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