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My passion for memorabilia

Updated: Jul 7, 2023


Collections & Reflections

Welcome to my blog post.

As the title suggests I have a number of collections acquired over time, a rough estimate would be around 60+ years.

My first influences in my young life as a 5 year old was ‘music’ and back in 1962 I was introduced to a machine called a ‘jukebox’ this while spending time with my Grandma, who worked in a small café diner hidden away up a side street in a little town called Bloxwich in the middle of England. I was fascinated by the jukebox and would spend my day watching the machine at work, money going in, the option buttons pressed and then the magic started, a metallic arm would travel up & down the machine, and then suddenly stop and descend into the midst of a row of regimented black shiny discs, then reappear holding a round object which had a large hole in the middle, it swung around turning the object horizontal as it went and proceeded to placed it on a round moving base which was the same size as the round object, then once in place a short arm appeared and settled on top of the moving object, a crackling noise was heard to start with, then ‘boom’ the jukebox burst into life and out came ‘POP MUSIC’ 🎶

The song that will always remind of that moment in my early years was ‘Telstar by the Tornados’ I didn’t realise at the time but that jukebox and its music would become intertwined with the rest of my life.

The Memorabilia site I have created shows the many things I have collected throughout my years, and as you will see if you visit, that the largest part of the collection is my music which is mostly vinyl records, and consists of some 50’s classics but mainly 60’s 70’s & 80’s vinyl. The passion for music has always been with me throughout my life and comes hand in hand with the fashion trends of the time, at the age of 10 (1967) and in the era of ‘The Mods’ I had a grey suit and winklepickers, and with each change in music came a change in fashion, of which I became a ‘dedicated follower of’ a great pastime for social gathering of like-minded people.

This story was my introduction to music, but not my first passion for collecting, that will be a story to tell in my next blog! 🥰

I have always loved collecting, for as long as I can remember. .

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